Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday???

Monday. I always love (yeah right!) Mondays. Seriously, this is the day I find the most challenging. Getting my ds up is a bit of a challenge lately… but that’s another story. I usually get to work later than I want to. It’s very important for me because it sets the tone for my whole week. It’s a new beginning.

I arrived to work 10 minutes than I normally would on a Monday. I was ecstatic! My day went as normal until I received a memo that I need to meet with a parent. Apparently, I have to meet with a parent of the child that I am greatly challenged. I welcome these kinds of challenges. I have been waiting for this opportunity. I was just hoping that the parent will be reasonable unlike the child.

On the way to the vp office, I was hoping that the apple falls far away from the tree. I have a lot in mind. The things I had to deal with this child is something else. I can’t begin to reason why she acts the way she does. I am certain there is a space in her heart that is good, and I have to uncover that.

Yes! My first impression was that the apple is kind of fell far away from the tree. Now, I just have to establish that. I don’t know how, but I am positive. I handed the child’s report card to the parent, after the greeting and all that. I can’t lie to you, it is bad. The worse thing about it is that the child does not even show any remorse. Well, it’s apparent that her emotions are just so mixed. I guess, it’s just normal for a kid to blame it all on someone else-and that happened to be me! It’s always me. From the way I was looking (staring -according to her), to the way I breathe. The bottom line is-I am consistent on my grounds. I established that I am in charge of the classroom, that she’s there to learn and to follow some kind of order.

In the end, she understood that she needs to keep her acts together. Now, just need to see it in action. I reassured the parent that I am in no way, shape, or form just picking on her child. I have 29 others to worry about. That I am there to help them succeed, above all, I honestly believe that her child is a “smart cookie”.

I am glad I made my Monday worthwhile not just for me but for the other lives I touched today (I am hopeful!). tfr!

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