Sunday, March 1, 2009

WWW (as in Winter Weather Warning!!!)

I can't believe that we are having this "noreaster" storm this weekend. Last night, the local channel forecast was 4 to 8 inches in our area... Now, they're saying we are probably going to have about a foot of snow when everything is said and done.

I must be dreaming!!! My df and I went to the store yesterday and i did not even have a coat! The weather around here is very interesting. I just don't want to have another day off for monday. We already had 3 snow days to cover in june and I just can't afford to trade those nice, summer days over this cold, wintry, snowy, nasty day... hhuhhuhhu!

Well, I guess I can really do anything about it. I'll just worry about the weather tomorrow. Hopefully the weather guys are wrong in their predictions...


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