Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's Up with People..

Earlier this week, I had another “encounter” with someone that I work with. How would you like for someone taking something you worked on without permission? Yes, just like that. Oh, by the way, you found your “work” used as a scrap paper! URGH I am to my wits end with this person! I just can’t comprehend why he/she thinks that she can just take whatever from your desk and take it as her/his own!

This time, he took the worksheets I prepared a week ahead so I don’t have to "waste" my time at the copy room .. To my surprise, I found my worksheets used as scrap papers. I found more than half my stack in the recycling bin!

I understand I can only control my actions and reactions but what will you do if it was you? I called him as soon as I found out (i've got no worksheets to give to my students), I did not get anything from that person! It's beyond me! I am aggravated but it's just me. I need to be more careful next time, as in -not leave anything on my desk???!!! It's annoying. I just hope that people will have the nerve to keep their hands off anything that's not theirs!

I can understand if students do something stupid like that because you know-they don't think at times.. It's just discouraging if I see immature behavior from adults who I personally think would be ethical!

Sometimes I wonder what would that person do if he/she is in my shoes? I am so curious now. tfr!

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Manang said...

some adults are actually teenagers trapped in adults' bodies....
maybe someone wants to sabotage you?...