Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am Thankful too

It is a tradition in our school to have Thanksgiving Pep Rally for the Football Game they play the weekend of Thanksgiving. Students who are involved in extra curricular activities like cheerleading, dance, jrotc, band, etc are encouraged to join and participate.

I was not aware that jrotc leader advised the members to attend only one of the two pep rallies because there were so many rotc members in the gym already. If they really want to attend and be a part of the second rally, they need teacher's note to show to their leader that they were given permission to come.

The second pep rally was held on the last period of the day. Three of my students today asked if they can have a note from me. When they realized that I was giving a test, they changed their minds. I think they did because I let them think and decide for themselves. They were told that I can offer them a note to go but they have to set time after school the next Monday to take the test they missed otherwise, they will get a zero.

I was just so impressed that the three of them almost instantly said they'll stay to take the test! There's not even a little argument or grumbling or pouting! I can't believe it.

It must have been the "thanksgiving spirit". Whatever it is, I am proud that I have students who makes better choices. tfr

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