Monday, November 3, 2008

Mid Term Exams

I am so happy that all my grades are done! All I need now is to type each one in the school's system for the print out of the students' report card.

By Wednesday, I am sure I am going to be okay with regards to the grade report. To all my students who did their best, asked questions when confused, put forth effort and stayed after school for extra help - I am so proud of you. For my students who slacked and still slacking - my calling for you is to do something for yourself, you are the one losing in this game. You are failing your self... not me (your teacher), not your parents, not your friends, but yourself.

I wish you luck for the remainder of the school semester.

So far, I've been so happy that I stick to my goal - to do work at work and leave all the pressures of work at work! By doing this, I am a happier person at home, although I arrive home a little late at time since I check the papers at school and if I am not done, I still leave it there for the next day. I am happy with what I do, I wish I've done this system years back.

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