Monday, January 19, 2009

suicide among teens

Our school is devastated at a loss of a person who chose to end his life. It's a terrible loss for his family, his friends, his community, and our school. It's sad to think that it can be anyone... I saw him in the hallway the recently ~ he seemed to be okay... His one of the students who would always say "hi" or greet you "good morning" and ask how do you do... with a smile on his face. Before you know it, he's not able to do such a thing... It's so sudden, so abrupt.

One of his friends said that they were outside his house hanging around afterschool the day he ended it. He said he'll catch them later, he needs to go take a shower. . . he never came back out... he never will...

I could not imagine what would it be to be his friends... should I feel guilty? Should I feel mad and hopeless? They only 15 and life change in a way they're not ready for...

In my opinion, it does not help that our dp is really magnifying the whole thing. I am just afraid that kids who need "attention" realize that maybe this is the attention they need and will follow suit. I hope that will not happen.

Click [here] and [here] to learn more about suicide among teens.


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