Friday, January 23, 2009

ttitlt #1

Today is fantastic friday but not so fantastic for student a who came in crying because her boyfriend was "jumped on" by some students they don't know. Just imagine how a teenager would rant and rave then multiply that by 10times - that's what I had for my first block intro. She would not listen when I asked her to leave to see someone "to vent on" and she just went on firing "f bombs" and slangs. With my little patience and a nice tone of voice... I reminded everyone, not really directly talking to her (since I don't want anymore of her anger! I must be scared .... :) that "I understand that we can get upset and so aggravated sometimes (that it's not even funny!); but that does not give us any reason to be r-u-d-e!"

By the way, I like spelling some of the bad words they say to make a point that I really DISLIKE (instead of h-a-t-e) saying it, that I have a choice to NOT say it, and that it makes me cranky... they are starting to be aware of the words that will make my day good...

That student of mine started to cool off and went on with her assignments without any problems. She gave me a high five on her way out saying "You're a gangsta, miss!" I hope that means something good. I have to make sure I ask her what it means on monday.


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